Zombie Clortho with a number one gunning trophy

Clortho is a veteran pirate on the Sage Ocean with over 4 years of active play there. He is named after Vinz Clortho, the Keymaster of Gozer, from the film Ghostbusters.

Crew History Edit

Clortho is currently a senior officer of the crew Swashbucklers of Sage of the flag Notorious. Before joining Swashies he was a senior officer of Luck o' Irish and and a fleet officer in Outlaw's, where he developed most of his skills. Before joining Outlaw's, Clortho was a member of 2 other crews of no importance.

Interests Edit

Clortho is a trophy trollop and has earned 144 trophies to date. Clortho is also one of the top gunners on the ocean, regularly placing in the top 20 and even having taken the number 1 spot on one occasion. Alchemistry is also one of his top skills and he has reached the number one position in puzzle rank for it many times. Clortho also enjoys collecting junk from skellie fights, having won numerous articles of clothing, maps, potions, pieces of furniture and even a cat from them (back when you still had to put up an item as well as poe). He doesn't do them much now that you can't collect items from them anymore. He also owns an iron monger stall on Wensleydale.

Friends With Pages Edit

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