Flamingbird is a pirate on the Sage Ocean.


Flamingbird was a member of the crew Swashbucklers of Sage for about two years. Then, his ex-captain, Saluteme, left the crew following some arguement with the other royals, and Daveo left the flag and then became captain of Daveo's crew, Musketeers of Sage. Flamingbird then joined under Saluteme, but became bored in the new crew soon after, and left in search of a better crew. He started crew hopping, shifting to new crews every so often. He is currently a fleet officer of the crew Mysterious Ways, and is a member of the flag Notorious


  • Fleet Officer of the crew Mysterious Ways
  • member of the flag Notorious
  • former Officer and Wench of the crew Death Wish.
  • former Member of the flag Eternal Glory.
  • Commander in the Admiral Island Navy in the Gull Archipelago.
  • Owns and manages Flamingbird's Weaving Stall on Admiral Island.
  • Former member of the crew Musketeers of Sage.
  • Former member of the crew Swashbucklers of Sage.
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