Mindless is a business pirate on the Sage Ocean; and claimed to be the only mindless one in the ocean.

He previously served under Captain Blackbone as his loyal senior officer and card sharp of the crew Infernal Crimson Elite till the final days of flagNotorious. Mindlessly served as lord of the flag Notorious, part of the kade supply team under the leadership of her highness Monarch Saluteme. Saluteme called him Hotdog due to his ability to sell hotdogs to vegetarians! Such is his mad skillz.

He previously served under Captain Hiba as her loyal senior officer and card sharp of the crew Mysterious Ways.

After Mysterious Ways left the flag Sage's Syndicate, Mindless and his mates are exploring possibilities to rebuild and create the all new flag Notorious. (

Mindless is currently the Captain of the newly formed crew Notoriously Mindless as on 25 Sep 2010.

Mindless Business Empire

Mindless has a great passion for shopkeeping and is one of the most active shopkeeper in sage, currently owns/operate a total of 60 stalls and shoppes. (For the record, 8 distillery shoppes, 5 iron monger shoppes, 4 furnisher shoppes, 5 apothecary shoppes, 4 shipyards, 3 tailor shoppes, 5 weaveries.) as of 15 Aug 2010.

Mindless has a radical visionary plan for Sage trading and whilst seemingly mindless, his approach has created an empire the reflects his mad skills.

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