Ruminor is the Captain of Swashbuckers of Sage and is well known for his kindness and consistent fairplay, except at the poker table where he often be found!

Ruminor started out on the Sage Ocean, joining with an unmemorable crew. On a random pillage he sailed with the Swashbucklers of Sage who offered him a new home. He found the crew active and enjoyable and began to work his way towards being an officer. Under the tutealge of Oldhairless he soon mastered the finer points of running a ship and was made an officer. Working diligently to help grow the crew and the flag he was quickly made flag officer and eventually senior officer. After Saluteme decided she needed a change she left the Captain's seat to Ruminor which he still holds today.

From the beginning he loved blockade action and has served in almost every role including Vice Admiral, Jobbing Contact and Fleet Manager. They even let him Nav one time, he still believes they regret that decision to this day. As the opportunity arose he held more and more responsibility within the flag and eventually became monarch of Notorious. He held that position until the recent resurgence of the flag and he felt strongly that Hiba would be an excellent choice to lead the Notorious revival.

Over his years of playing he has worked hard in the trading area and now owns several shops. his first and most prized shoppe is Cry Me a Cleaver was a gift from Sage's leading Biz Pirate.

He has now expanded his empire to include 7 shoppes:

Iron Mongers

Cry Me a Cleaver - Caravanserai

Metalmorpho - Barbary

Armament Clinic - Bowditch

Stalls on Admiral, Bowditch and Blackthorpe


Witch You Were Here - Caravanserai


Golden Loom - Caravanserai


Buffers Binnacle - Scrimshaw


Junk in the Trunk - Scrimshaw