Threetwoone has been playing Puzzle Pirates off and on for two years now. He plays on the Sage Ocean. He is currently a senior officer and first mate in the crew Mysterious Ways.


As a greenie, Threetwoone like most greenies went on a crew hopping spree. He finally settled down in the crew The Red Flag. While in The Red Flag, Threetwone learned all the basics of Puzzle Pirates. He eventually achieved the rank of officer. When the crew merged into Fer Crown and Fortune, Threetwoone felt it was time for change.

n the next few days, he heard of Swashbucklers of Sage through a hearty and immediately fell in love with the crew. Threetwoone successfully made it through the Swashbucklers of Sage officer training within a week or two. He eventually achieved the rank of fleet officer.

After about a year in Swashbucklers of Sage, Threetwoone realized his pirate career would never advance anymore in Swashbucklers of Sage. About that time, Hiba created the crew Mysterious Ways. After much debate, Threetwoone joined Mysterious Ways as a fleet officer. Shortly after joining this crew, he had to stop playing Puzzle Pirates due to school. He would periodically log on from time to time.

During the spring of 2007, he joined the crew Imperial Crusaders, but returned to Mysterious Ways shortly after. He then went dormant again due to school. Toward the end of the summer of 2008, Threetwoone returned to Puzzle Pirates and achieved the rank of senior officer in Mysterious Ways and Lord in the flag Hardcore Explorers.

Sometime early in Threetwoone's pirate career, he learned about navy rank. In a few months, Threetwoone achieved the highest rank of admiral.

Threetwoone has a weird craving for cookies and can be seen stealing cookies from Hiba's not so secret cookie hoard.


  • Former prince of the flag No Parking.
  • He got his first injury in a sea monster hunt run by Gunning
  • Former lord of the flag Hardcore Explorers.
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